Lucia Light Experience: with Richard Yiap and Sian Chua

Richard__SianSian Chua and Richard Yiap

Sian and Richard are master practitioners who use the Lucia Light technology to facilitate profound improvements in well-being.

Sian became a Clinical Hypnotherapist in 2000, specialising in past life regression therapy. Currently, she has her own busy practice as a world renowned Dolores Cannon Quantum Hypnosis healing therapist. She is also an Akashic Records Consultant and Teacher, a Holographic Kinetics practitioner and a Teacher of Russian DNA Regeneration healing.

Richard has had a long interest in health and metaphysics and has a wide-ranging background in both spiritual and corporate work. He has a passion to share how holistic health and natural remedies can help bring relief to sickness and the stresses of modern life. He has also studied ancient wisdom and how light and energy flows in the body to support its vitality.

Light Medicine of the futureRichard sees that light is the medicine of the future as all the cells of the body are receivers and transmitters to electromagnetic radiation. He is pioneering powerful personal breakthrough programs with the Lucia light experience.

Sian and Richard’s Areas of special interest: the Lucia Light Experience

Here is some information about the light simulator (lamp) from the creators (2 Austrian doctors – a Neurologist and a Psychiatrist). Lucia is an amazing and unique Light experience offering the following benefits:

  • Deep theta relaxationLucia Light Appointments
  • Light alchemy
  • Sacred geometry
  • Body-free consciousness
  • Traversing time-space
  • Exploring other worlds and dimensionsLucia Light Experience
  • Immersion into wondrous worlds of colour
  • Emotional freedom and a true feeling of happiness
  • Pineal gland activation
  • A sense of peace and oneness

A new dimension in relaxation and a powerful voice for the inner spirit the Lucid Light Stimulator creates both a psychological and physical feeling of wellbeing.

Lucia Light Technology

Lucia Light Sessions at Mr Vitamins clinic

Sessions are available for you to experience the profound effects of the Lucia Light at the Mr Vitamins Clinic.

  • Sessions are for 20-30 minutes eachLucia Light Appointments
  • Recommended number of sessions: 3 +
  • Cost per session: $60 ($75 for first session – or $300 for 7 sessions including 2 free sessions)
  • Details of a session: Sit comfortably and close your eyes.  The light from Lucia enters your retina and goes directly into the centre of your brain i.e. your pineal gland or 3rd eye. Light stimulates and awakens the pineal gland immersing you in a kaleidoscope of colours, sacred geometry images and patterns. To enhance the experience you will be listening to music with ancient Solfeggio frequencies (for DNA repair) on high quality headphones.

Health as therapy

Lucia LampTherapy is typically viewed as the attempt to eliminate illness in order to restore health. Conversely, the Hypnagogic Light Experience makes it possible to experience health as consciousness which – blotted out by thoughts and feelings – cannot be reduced to physical or psychological processes.

From this perspective, health can never be lost, but instead at most be set aside as a focus and intention. What we resist persists, what we cut back grows – what we focus on is reinforced.

The Hypnagogic Light Experience is not a health treatment or therapeutic technique and therefore does not directly heal illness but in a way bypasses it and turns to consciousness as an always available state of health. It must not be misconceived as a replacement of traditional treatment methods, although “being in the light” can enhance the therapeutic effect and shorten the process.

When the mis-conception of “lost health” is resolved, changes in attitude ensue. This, in turn, generates an increased quality of life – irrespective of the nature or stage of any illness. Since there is a direct correlation between attitude and the nervous, immune and hormone system, the application of the Hypnagogic Light Experience constitutes a psycho- neuro-immunological method.

More about Sian and Richard

Sian left behind a successful 13-year legal career in Perth. Thereafter, she established a wholesale business, which in 5 years, became one of the Top 500 exporting companies in Australia (BRW).

She relinquished the legal and corporate path to go on a spiritual journey. She learned many healing modalities including Reiki, pranic healing and magnified healing. Committed to giving back to the community, she was a Reiki volunteer at Cancer Support Association for 5 years and a counselor at Samaritans, an organisation for people who are suicidal and despairing, for 10 years.

Richard trained during 2008 in an aboriginal dreamtime healing modality called Holographic Kinetics, which heals trauma in the spirit. He is also a personal and corporate Life Coach and Consultant to business. He has had a 22-year business career working for 10 companies over 3 industries.

In 2011, he met his partner Sian. They were guided to Austria and brought Lucia Light to Australia, in October, 2012. Together, they have been actively offering thousands of Lucia Light experiences at expos and events all over Australia. The benefits to people have been profound.

Heart Quest and Lucia Light

Light Medicine of the future

Richard has also pioneered using the Heart Quest monitor technology with the Lucia. This has enabled him to develop programs with the Lucia to help many people with different conditions. The Lucia light works differently as it simply directs light into the centre of the brain and stimulates the critical glands e.g. pineal, pituitary & hypothalamus. These glands are responsible for secreting the ‘happy hormones’ that help healing.

A Lucia Light Story…

One excellent example of Richard and Sian’s work is in helping a year 12 student with his studies, where coaching combined with Lucia light sessions (especially before exams) enabled him to perform better than his previous best. His year 11 ATAR score was in the low 80s. His final year 12 results were 96.10, enabling him to enter any course of his choice.


Lucia Light Appointments