Super Tuesday: 4th August 2015 ! Save More at Mr Vitamins

Super Tuesday photoStay Healthy the Right Way – and Save!

Super Sale Tuesday – the first Tuesday of each month at Mr Vitamins!  

NOTE: Tuesday 4th August  2015  is time to stock up for your Health and Read in ChineseVitality – so come and talk to our team of Naturopaths on Super Tuesday – and you’ll save big on every product in the store.

Plan your health care needs so you can Be Healthy in 2015! Super Tuesday photo
The Mr Vitamins team is ready to advise you on the best health supplements and delicious healthy foods to start your year off well.You’ll save 21% off all recommended retail prices. You save on the complete range of nutritional supplements, vitamins, minerals, health foods, skin care, sports nutrition and more. Everything in store is on sale on Super Tuesday.

PLEASE NOTE: Many of our products already have super discounts (more than 21%) to help you to save every day. On Super Tuesday we offer 21% off on all other products that are not already discounted. So your minimum saving will be 21% – and on many products much more! Save on everything in Mr Vitamins’ store.

Super Tuesday specials

  • Even include ‘practitioner only’ and ‘health food store only’ product lines, plus the exclusive skin care range from Dr Hauschka.

Every day Mr Vitamins offers you the biggest savings – and on Super Tuesday you can also save on products that are not normally included in our special offers!

Mr Vitamins Store is open from 8.30am to 7.00pm on Super Tuesday 4th August

  • Main Store: 324 Victoria Avenue, Chatswood
  • Superstore: 394 Victoria Avenue, Chatswood

Ask a Naturopath at Mr Vitamins

Our team of Naturopaths is always ready to answer your health questions and make recommendations that are right for you.

PS. Remember…

The Mr Vitamins promise is to always give you the best prices. Many of our products have up to 50% off every day. On Super Tuesday you can also choose from other products in store and get the 21% discount off the recommended retail price.

Here’s some fun photos from a recent Mr Vitamins Super Tuesday!

  • unhappy

    went to chatswood store, was told protein powder was not discounted even though this it says here “you get to save big on every product in the store.” will not be going here again!

    • Mr Vitamins

      Mr vitamins is a discount store 365 days of the year . Many of our products have 30% , 40% & some up to 50% off RRP every day. Some products have a lesser amount. If your protein was already discounted more than 21% off RRP the super tuesday discount does not apply as the product has a greater discount off RRP already , which is honored. This must not have been explained fully in store.

  • Karlcostner

    Does this apply to online purchasing as well?

    • Emma Mrvitamins

      Hello karl,
      Super Tuesday prices apply in store & through our mail order system via phone. Our 1800 number will connect you to the store & transfer you to the mailroom 1800 622 866 . The online system stands alone & works on a sliding scale , the more you buy the greater the savings, up to 40% off rrp every day !

  • Mary

    does the Rockdale store have super Tuesday too?

    • Mr Vitamins

      Hello Mary,
      Mr Vitamins is only based in Chatswood – two stores at 324 and 394 Victoria Avenue. We hope to see you on Super Tuesday!

  • Stephen

    Hi, can you tell me the price of Herbs of Gold ‘s Natural Salmon Oil 1000mg /400 Capsules on Super Tuesday? Thanks

  • Kathleen

    that is great to know how much is Boswella on Super Tuesday

    • Emma Mrvitamins

      HI Kathleen. We have many brands of Boswellia. The minimum will be 21% off rrp on Super Tuesday. Some brands attract a greater discount than 21% every day of the year. Hope to see you in store soon!

  • Anette-borg

    I am so sorry I can´t get there, I am packing to move house end of week. Can my partner come in instead if I give him my memembership number?

    • Emma Mrvitamins

      HI Anette, sorry we couldn’t get back to you yesterday. It was a busy & fun day !The answer for future Super Tuesdays is YES ! Your partner can help you out & shop for you on super Tuesday checking out with your membership details. look forwaard to seeing you soon.

  • Markel

    All stock 70% off ! What a bargain ! See u there with me little truck.

    • Mr Vitamins

      HI Markel – thanks for your enthusiasm about Mr Vitamins great prices!
      Just to be clear… the special discount of 21% applies to the normal recommended retail price – and at Mr Vitamins many of our products have discounts of much more than this. Up to 50% off and sometimes even 60% off.
      The 21% off is not on top of other discounts.
      Bring your truck – we have an enthusiastic team who will help you fill it up!
      Plus you can get great health advice from our team of naturopaths.
      See you there.

  • ‘Nita

    This is a wonderful opportunity for customers who live in Sydney and can get to the store on Super Tuesday. But what about those who live too far away (like in the ACT) and have to place mail orders?

    • Mr Vitamins

      Hello Nita, yes indeed this is a great opportunity to take advantage of Mr Vitamins extra special savings.

      You can benefit too – as we offer special savings for mail-order customers on Super Tuesday as well. Just call Vanessa in the mail order room on the Monday before (today) or on Super Tuesday and she will process your order on the day to get hte special savings.

      Mail order contact details:
      Freecall: 1800 888 106


  • hayley

    Hello, could you tell me the times/days your naturopaths are in store?

    • Mr Vitamins

      Hello Hayley, Mr Vitamins has qualified Naturopaths in-store all day every day. You can also have a private consultation in a Mr Vitamins Clinic room with one of the clinic naturopaths. You can see availability and make an appointment here:

  • Virginia

    I have been buying by mail order since moving from Sydney to Maitland in 2000.

    I buy a variety of goods including a tonic. I have just learnt this week that you have closed down your mail order department. What is going on? Is it going to open again?

    Do I now have to purchase online and if so is there a comprehensive list of products and prices? How would I order my specific tonic?

    Help please,

  • Unhappy customer

    I have been buying by mail order for over 5 years now. I tried to put an order in today but just got the runaround with the answering machine. It would have been nice to have been told that the mail order department was closing down. Not sure if I still want to support this company.

    • Mr Vitamins

      Hello, Sorry to hear about your frustrations. Our team is working hard to bring our only ordering system back. There are a number of aspects to this and we are sorry to be causing inconvenience.
      We will let you know as soon as we have good news.

  • lonewolf

    I am really disappointed to hear this if its true? Has the online ordering system been stopped? I dont understand why any company would go away from Online services… I have been shopping online for such a long time with Mr.Vitamins…really disappointed to hear this news.

    • Mr Vitamins

      The online ordering system is temporarily unavailable. We do plan to bring it back as soon as we can. Unfortunately we need to be building a number of new systems so that the online store can fully complement our retail stores in Chatswood. Sorry for the inconvenience this causes.
      Mr Vitamins Web team

  • Frank

    I have been trying to call your number 02 9415 2866 to ask a question but nobody answers the phone. It just rings forever. Is there anyone who can answer the phone, this is frustrating ! especially for “No 1″ retailer !

  • Shawes

    Hi, when you web site is back up & running, are you offering a membership with rewards to your website shoppers?

  • Geraldine Knights

    I wish to place an order u don’t make it easy

  • loren

    just wondering if you sell Spatone iron supplement the large box if so how much please?

  • Jon

    Hi Guys,

    What has happened to your site? Where has the product & price list gone to?
    Please bring it back

    • Mr Vitamins

      Hi – we are currently redeveloping our e-commerce website. It will be back again with a much better format to serve you better in the new year.

      Meanwhile we do hope you can visit us in our Chatswood stores for great prices and advice.

      • lonewolf

        umm Hasnt it been gone and this message been provided for an extremely long period of time? I gave up waiting and went to other online retailers when you guys were my favourite and only store at one point. Is it actually going to come back?

        • Mr Vitamins

          Yes it really is coming back :-)
          We have a team actively developing the new site to get ready for relaunch. If you are on our mailing list (join up from the yellow box above) – then you will receive our newsletter, and announcements when the new site goes live.

          • Johanna

            Is the online site coming or not??

  • Jessica

    Hi Mr Vitamins. In regards to the “super” ” tuesday sales, I went into one of your two stores today, to find that your loving earth 100g choc bars were supposedly $8.99. Minus the 20% it is $6.95 which is the same as the rrp.I can buy the same products elsewhere at health food shops.only now do I realise there really is no discount. Even before I used to buy the same products for around 6.90 without the discounts. I am quite disappointed at your method for attracting customers. I will definitely not come again and warn others of this supposed “super” tuesday.

    • mr vitamins

      HI Jessica

      Thanks you for contacting us re: the chocolate prices.

      We have been looking at the pricing on the LE chocolates & have found depending on the type the rrp can vary from 6.95 – 8.95

      The crunchy mints are $8.95 the plain milk is $6.95.

      We have made the adjustments to pricing on the shelves & appreciate you drawing it to our attention…supa Tues price will be $5.49

      look forward to seeing you in store

      Kind regards

      Mr Vitamins